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Hand made on the wheel , fired to ^10 stoneware, and a decal applied with a third firing .

Each piece is handmade and may vary slightly from this image

375 ml liquid capacity (approx)

approx 10.5cm h x 8.5cm w

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' I am smart I am strong '
When I was growing up , the most awful word that anyone could say in our house (even worse than all the BAD words) was' STUPID' .
So why do I , and so many of my maker friends, still say to ourselves "You are SO stupid " ? Even if its quietly said under our breath , or display it by a lack of confidence in what we do or find it difficult to accept praise .
My Dad would also say 'FORZA' which is Italian for 'strength' , or really to 'gather strength' .
SO, these mugs are made for YOU and those who you love , as a kind of daily affirmation .The drawing is of a 'Silvereye' a TINY wee native Australian bird .

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